Debate Podcast – Sexual Violence: Male Problem/ Male Solution?

Debate Podcast – Sexual Violence: Male Problem/ Male Solution?

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Forever it seems, the voices speaking out against sexual violence against women and girls have been female: individual women, women’s groups and feminist discourse leading the way on a women’s issue. But is it time to change this and focus on the men who are, statistically, by far the most frequent perpetrators of sexual violence? How does masculine identity in the 21st century still allow such abuses? With violence perpetrated by male teenagers towards girlfriends and other women, there is a real danger of the problem getting worse, not better. For masculinity to move forward, how can solidarity be forged between men themselves and between men and women to address these far-too-common crimes?


Hugh Whittall (CHAIR)
Hugh is Director of Nuffield Council in Bioethics overseeing all areas of the Council’s work and contributes to its long-term strategy. Before taking the role of Director in February 2007, he held senior positions at the Department of Health, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, and the European Commission.


Gail Gray
For the last 21 years Gail has worked in the voluntary sector delivering front line services, managing, and leading women’s organisations. The main focus of these organisations was to provide gender specific services for women who have experienced violence and abuse. She has been the CEO of Rise for the last nine years. Rise provides wrap around services in B&H and West Sussex for women, children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse. We also have a dedicated service for LGBTQI survivors. In 2013 she became a trustee of Women’s Aid a national second tier domestic violence organisation.


James Rowlands
James is a Qualified Social Worker and an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA). He has 10 years of experience in the domestic abuse sector, including work with both victim/survivors and perpetrators. His area of expertise is domestic abuse as it affects LGBT communities and heterosexual men. He has previously worked in Cardiff Women’s Safety Unit, where he set up the Dyn Project, as well as with CAADA where he managed the national MARAC Quality Assurance Programme. He is currently the joint Violence against Women & Girls Strategy Manager for Brighton & Hove, and has commissioning responsibility for domestic and sexual violence services in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. As a sideline, he is a Board member for Respect, the UK membership organisation for work with domestic violence perpetrators, male victims and young people.


Dr. Fiona Elvines
Fiona is Operations Co-ordinator at Rape Crisis South London, and develops and delivers prevention work in schools with young people, focused on unpicking issues of consent. She is a frontline support worker for women and girls who have experienced rape and/or childhood sexual abuse and is currently in the final year of her PhD research at the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit into women and girls’ experiences of street harassment.


Chris Green
Chris is Director of White Ribbon Campaign UK which engages men in speaking out about violence against women, and challenging negative gender stereotypes which underpin abuse. He is a Member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Voluntary Sector Advisory Group and the National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence Programme Development Group on Domestic Violence.  In 2013 he was invited by the General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to become one of the 20 members of the UN Network of Men Leaders to challenge Violence against Women.


Supported by: The Wellcome Collection as part of the Sexology Season
Podcast producer: Meera Senthilingham


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