WED 18 – SAT 21 SEPT
WED 25 – SAT 28 SEPT
WED 02 – SAT 05 OCT
OPENS: 10.00 – 17.00

This Grief Thing invites people to think, talk and learn about grief. It takes place in a shop where people can have conversations, and buy clothes or objects.

It’s for people who have experienced grief, and those who haven’t. We’re living at a time when many people find death and grief – our own grief or other people’s – almost impossible to talk about. We don’t know what to say, what to do or how to act. So we stay silent, we pretend that grief doesn’t exist, or we hide it. This Grief Thing pushes against this, by opening up conversations about grief and making it visible.

Fevered Sleep will open a shop hosted daily by Sam Butler and David Harradine, the artistic directors of Fevered Sleep. You can drop in to browse or chat any time in the shop’s opening hours. They will host a series of Grief Gatherings, small group conversations about grief, either in the shop or in community spaces. The project also includes a billboard and poster campaign, which asks Can we talk about grief?

To take part in the Grief Gathering, or to host one, please contact us: or Tel: 020 3815 6430