Dutch Performing Arts / SICK! Festival Commissions

-In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, SICK! Festival is offering two commissions of €4,500 for early- to mid-career artists based in the Netherlands. The commissions are designed to develop new works of contemporary performance and dance that resonate with the festival’s thematic interests for presentation as part of SICK! Festival in March 2019. Through partnerships with Manchester’s diverse communities, its health and charity sectors, academic institutions and other arts organisations, we will invite selected artists to bring their own personal and artistic perspectives to issues of urgent importance to this fast-changing city. We are particularly interested in works that reflect the physical, mental and social challenges faced by individuals and communities in Manchester.  We are seeking applications from artists who can demonstrate a strong working methodology rooted in substantial research and/or personal experience. In particular, we are seeking works which, whilst potentially rooted in personal experience, have scope beyond the autobiographical. As well as demonstrating a rich development practice, the artists we select will also possess the ability to create engaging, high-quality public works of power and originality.

The offer
Successful applicants will benefit from:
– €4,500 commission
– Residency time with technical support and accommodation
– Dramaturgical support from SICK! Festival’s highly experienced creative team
– Professional support in developing applications to other funders for the development of the project
– Opportunities to collaborate with academic, clinical or other professionals and individuals with personal experience of the subject addressed.
– Opportunities to premiere the finished work within SICK! Festival 2019

 SICK! Festival
Great art changes lives when it changes the way people feel and think about their bodies, minds and communities.  SICK! Festival empowers diverse communities to confront the physical, mental and social challenges that we face in our individual and collective lives.  Through creation, presentation and public conversation, SICK! places outstanding art at the heart of positive health and health at the heart of outstanding art. SICK! Festival believes in fairness, equity and above all values diversity and inclusion in all dealings, both as provider of services and employers. SICK! Festival is committed to promoting equality, talking discrimination and fostering good relationships between diverse groups of people. We are committed to eliminating discrimination based on gender, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexuality, gender reassignment, pregnancy/maternity, civil partnerships/marriage or social class.

How to apply
Please send an application document outlining the following on a maximum of 2 sides of A4:

– Your artistic practice, areas of focus and track-record
– The concept for which you are applying
– What impact you anticipate the commission will have on the development of the work
– Links to videos of your work
– Your own contact details
– Contact details of one reference

Information provided in excess of 2 sides of A4 will be disregarded.

In addition please provide:
– An indicative budget for development and presentation including additional anticipated funding
– An outline project development schedule
– Completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (This is to enable us to assess the reach of our call out and will not be used for assessment purposes.)

If you require any additional support or information regarding your application, please call 01273 699733, or contact info@sickfestival.com

Applications must be submitted to info@sickfestival.com by 10am on Monday 12th March 2018.

Shortlisted artists will be interviewed by Skype during the week commencing Monday 19th March 2018.